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ID#: SPEC001

Type: Five bottles, circa 1870-1910

Color & Size: Olive, aqua, cobalt, & clear, 2-6"


Description: A small applied-top yellow-olive wine, a cobalt medicine cylinder, a clear ink, an aqua Lea & Perrin's steak sauce from the turn of the century, and a Florida Water cologne.

Price: $15 + $7 S&H (see ordering info)

ID#: SPEC002

Type: Five inks, circa 1890-1910

Color & Size: Aqua & clear


Description: Five nice inks, including an aqua school-house, an aqua cone, and several round inks with embossed bases

Price: $20 + $7 S&H (see ordering info)

bromo-seltzer collection

ID#: SPEC003

Type: Six Cobalt Medicines, early 1900's

Colors & Sizes: Cobalt, from 1.5 to 3"


Description: The ancestors for the modern Bromo-Seltzer (like Alka-Seltzer). A number of varieties of this popular cobalt medicine are included here--all of these are the older hand-finished variety.

Price: $15 + $7 S&H (see ordering info)


ID#: SPEC004

Type: Two western medicines, 1870-1900

Colors & Sizes: Aqua and teal, 4" & 5"

Embossing: none

Description: These are two nice old western medicines dug in San Francisco. The first is a sparkling aqua with a crooked neck. The second is a teal with an applied lip; it has some interior stain.

Price: $16 + $7 S&H (see ordering info)